Tiny Thong Bikini

The tiny thong bikini can enhance the woman’s figure as she dons her swimming outfit. This swimwear will look great on almost any type of body as long as the woman has the confidence to wear this bikini and to flaunt her lower assets.

When shopping for a bikini, you have to remember certain things so that you will be able to select a bikini that is right for you. Certain designs can make one look more attractive and sexier while there are styles that can flaunt one’s best assets. The key in selecting the right beachwear is to learn to show off one’s best features. Here are some tips when shopping for a new swimwear.

thong bikini bottoms

* Know which colors are going to look good on you

Although there are women who are lucky enough that they can wear almost any color and shade of garments, most women have to choose between warm-colored clothes and cool-toned apparel. If your skin tone is on the tan side, it is best for you to wear the warm shades. The earth colors will look great on you without much effort on your part. On the other hand, if your skin tone tends to be white or pale, it is best if you wear cool-toned apparel especially those in the shades of red and blue.

* Learn to accent your best body parts and downplay your less flattering features

If your best features are your cleavage and your shoulders, choose a top that will draw the attention to these assets. Draw the attention away from your less desirable bottom figure by wearing a plain-colored and dark bottom. It is also best to determine your body type based on the shape of your body. By knowing your body type, you can learn which swimsuits will naturally look great on you.

* Choose the right swimsuit size

Swimsuit sizes may not be the same as your other clothing sizes. The sizes used by different manufacturers may also vary from one another. You also have to keep in mind that the size of your swimsuit top may be different from the size of your lower garment. In order to find out which size will fit you well, you have to try out the swimsuits or you may also ask for the exact measurements of each apparel. If your upper and lower garments are of different sizes, ask the store about their mix and match options.