Micro Thong Bikini

The micro thong bikini has gone a long way from the time that it was introduced in the 1970s. Inspired by the clothes worn by the Brazilian tribes, this trend has spread all over the world. Now, the bikini is one of the popular, if not the most popular, swimsuit trends in many countries.

Because of the continuous increase in the popularity of the bikini, women should learn how to properly shop for the appropriate swimwear. A single swimsuit may not look well on two women with different body types. Thus, it is important for a woman to learn the tips and tricks in selecting and wearing a two-piece.

Play up your best assets

You’ve probably heard and read about this tip several times. In choosing a swimsuit, you have to choose a design that will accentuate your best features. Draw attention to these body parts by wearing something with prints and details. Learn to utilize color combinations to the fullest. Remember that bright colors make a body part look larger, while dark colors will make a body part or area look smaller.

Getting the perfect fit

Very few are the women with well-proportioned bodies. Thus, it is not right to just select a swimsuit pair based on your clothing size, believing that these will fit you perfectly. Before purchasing swimwear, you have to try out the sizes to determine which will fit you just right. Don’t be surprised if you find out that the size of your top and the size of your bottom have to be different. For this reason, you have to inquire about buying pieces separately. This is also great since you can combine different cuts and designs that will bring out your best features.

Reasons for wearing a two-piece

In choosing beachwear, you have to keep in mind your reasons for wearing one. Is it because you would like to get a more even tan? Do you want to flaunt your body on the beach? Are you after the comfort of wearing this swimming apparel? These reasons will help you in deciding on the cut, the styles, and the materials used for your swimming apparel.

Choosing a retailer

Select a retailer that offers advice on choosing a bathing suit. It is best to purchase a bathing suit by visiting a physical store. However, if you really have to purchase your swimwear online, make sure that you have the exact measurements with you.