Micro Mini Thong Bikini

A micro mini thong bikini will look great on a woman who is confident to show off her well-defined body features. Because this bikini bottom is very sexy, you can wear it with almost any type of top and still look very attractive. While you may be daring enough to experiment on different top and bottom pairs, here are the most common cuts for swimsuit upper garments and the type of body that they are going to look great on.


This classic look is great for women who would like to make their busts look fuller. The bandeau and similar balcony-style pieces can help accentuate those curves. If you are already top-heavy, the bandeau will make you appear more proportioned. Pair a dark upper garment with a bright-colored bottom and you can create a balanced look. If you select this bikini, just make sure that the color complements your skin tone perfectly.

Triangular pieces

Women with smaller busts should choose triangular tops. The v-neck of these bikinis tends to increase the size of the cleavage. Choose a piece that offers minimal coverage to give more lift and to make you look more curvaceous.

Halter garments

These bathing suits are great for women with shorter necks. The illusion created by the strings of the halter can create a longer and sexier neck. This cut is also great for women who would like to draw the attention away from their hips. By diverting the attention to the neck and the chest, a woman can downplay her less impressive bottom figure.


If there is really a need to cover those bulges that you were not able to shed off, the tankini can do the job. When paired with a sexy lower garment, the tankini can still make you look sexy despite being a bit covered up.

Wear it with the right accessories and confidence

To make your beach get-up even more fabulous, grab your favorite sunglasses, a hat, and a pair of cute flip-flops. Don’t forget to bring along a trendy tote for all your essentials such as beach towel and suntan lotion.

When choosing a swimsuit, select only the style that you are comfortable with. Even if the cut is the best for your body type, but you do not feel at ease about wearing such swimsuits, you will just look worse than a person who wears the most outdated and unflattering bathing suit. Regardless of your bathing suit type, you have to wear your swimming apparel with the right attitude.