G-String Thong Bikini

A woman who wears a g-string thong bikini can instantly feel and become sexy. The transformation is so fast that a person does not really have to go to the gym, join a hunger strike, or undergo invasive medical procedures just to look great. The key to looking great in a g-string is being able to wear it with confidence. Just the right attitude is enough to make a woman as sexy as she can be.

Once you have chosen to wear a thong bikini for your next summer getaway, you have to make sure that you have the right top to go with it. To increase your physical attractiveness, you have to choose the top that will accentuate your best features. At times, you have to select your upper garment separately. Thus, it is best that you shop at stores that offer mix and match options for their bikini pieces. Here are some tips for combining different tops and bottoms.

* Determine your body shape

Generally speaking, there are four types of body figures — the hourglass, the top-heavy, the bottom-heavy, and the athletic figure. By learning the category that your body type falls under, you will be more capable in selecting the right pieces to mix and match.

* Choose a two-piece with a comfortable fit

A snug bikini will give you more confidence as you wear it on the beach. If your swimsuit hugs your body perfectly, you become more aware of how your contours are being enhanced by your bathing suit. Even a two-piece with a simple cut can make you feel and look sexy if it fits you properly.

* Take advantage of your color options

Always remember that dark color have slimming effects. Wear a dark-colored garment for the body area that you would like to appear slimmer. Pair it with a bright garment to enhance the slimmer portion of your body. The proper combination of dark and light-colored garments can do the trick in making you look more evenly proportioned.

* Details and prints can enhance a body area

If you would like to enhance your small bust line, choose an upper garment that has horizontal prints or details. Ruffles can also make your bust area appear fuller.

* Conceal bulges with a tankini

Should you want to conceal your abdominal area, a tankini is your best option. Choose a sexy thong for your bottom piece to make you appear sexier.