Thong Bikini Bottoms

Thong bikini bottoms can make a woman look sexy even if she is just wearing an unflattering top. A woman may just be wearing a tank top, tankini, or even a shapeless shirt, but the thong bikini is sufficient to compensate for the sexiness that is needed by her upper swimwear.

The proper selection of a bottom can flatter a woman’s figure. Although she doesn’t have a perfect figure, with the proper selection of her swimsuit pieces and the right amount of confidence, a woman can look fashionable and sexy in a microkini bikini that offers minimal coverage.

The thong

This is a style of swimsuit that gives the crotch very little coverage and the buttocks with little or no coverage at all, save for that tiny string riding up between the butt cheeks.

Brazilian influence

It was in the 1970s when this daring garment was introduced by Rudi Gernreich, the monokini maker, to the American market. This type of undergarment was inspired by the traditional clothing of the Brazilian tribes situated near the Amazon. It was just one of the swimsuit designs that was greatly influenced by the styles of the beaches in Brazil. The thong was immediately accepted by the American market and remained to be a popular swimsuit choice up to this time.

The lack of monokini success

Because the monokini designer Rudi Gernreich was not able to maintain the success of his topless monokini, he began to focus on developing bottomless swimwear. Upon recognizing the fascination of American consumers with the buttocks and thighs, he began to introduce bottoms that offer different types of coverage.

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Early models

Initially, this barely-there number was offered in three models: the one-piece tank swimsuit, the two-piece bikini, and a topless swimwear.

The return of the one-piece

Upon the introduction of this provocative swimming apparel in the 1970s, it was already able to get a share of the American swimwear market. However, because of the very minimalist style of this daring lower garment, some people opted to return to choosing one-piece bathing suits. This became the dominant swimming apparel trend in the 1980s.

Wearing sexy bathing suits

While these barely-there pieces are popular for women with well-defined lower figures, those of other body types also learn to experiment with wearing this garment. With minimal coverage, this outfit can make them feel sexier and more attractive. Interestingly, this trend is starting to gain popularity with the men who are starting to learn how to flaunt their toned buttocks.